Nail salons may not be within each buffet, but thankfully you don’t have to sacrifice the look and health of your nails. Instead, a natural nail care routine guarantees your hands look their best.

Also, a fresh, natural nail look is often overlooked and can look just as luxurious as nail enhancements from a salon.

Tips for a Flawless At-Home Manicure
Remove Old Polish/Enhancements
First, remove old nail polish or enhancements. Of course, you’ll want to proceed with caution during the process to avoid damaging the nail plates. However, removing old polish will provide a clean canvas for the rest of your manicure.
Take Time On Cuticle Care
What’s the secret to a clean and fresh manicure? Maintaining the cuticles! Dry or overgrown cuticles can be a challenge, so a foolproof way to tame them is with a cuticle remover. However, cutting the cuticles can be risky without proper training.

However, you can achieve a similar effect by using a cuticle remover and gently pushing them back with an orangewood stick. The Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover is budget and beginner-friendly.
Trim, File, Shape
Next, you’ll want to trim, file, and shape the nails. First, you can start clipping or filing your free edge to achieve your desired length. Then, you can follow it up with additional shaping to perfect the foundation of your manicure.

Salon Direct claims, “A 180 grit nail file should be fine for shaping the natural nail edge – if nails are soft or damaged, a 240 grit file may be better.”
Invest in a Nail Strengthener
Nail strengtheners will become a staple in any at-home manicure regimen. In addition, most nail strengtheners have gotten a facelift and leave a stunning finish on the nail plates. Now you can strengthen, heal, and paint your nails in one step.

OPI Nail Envy Bubble Bath ($18.94, shop here):

OPI’s Nail Envy shows results quickly, and now you can heal the nails while painting them in their most iconic color, Bubble Bath. OPI has formulated this product with Calcium and Wheat Protein to achieve resilient nail plates.

Now you can coat the plates in the stunning Bubble Bath shade for a fresh finish.
Use Your Fingers, not Your Nails

How often have you completed a household chore only to break a nail afterward?

While opening packaging, lids, and letters with your nails may be tempting, try actively using your finger pads instead. Applying additional and unnecessary pressure to the free edge might lead to breaking or weakening.

Nightstand Essentials: Cuticle Oil & Hand Cream
Is cuticle oil the secret to prolonging a manicure?

Healthline states, “applying cuticle oil can increase the circulation around your nails stimulating nail growth. It can also help to protect your nail and cuticle against trauma…cuticle oil can also protect your polish for a lasting shine.”

Cuticle oil is compatible with nail enhancements and natural nails. You can apply it once a day for the best result or as directed by the label of your cuticle oil.

Also, to ensure you won’t forget your cuticle oil application, keep it on your nightstand so you can apply it and allow them to stay hydrated overnight. You may pair it with a hand cream to ensure a soft, moisturized, salon-finish at-home.