Setting sprays are often overlooked within the makeup industry because it can be challenging to create a standout formula. However, the following brands prove you can innovate staple cosmetic products.
Must-Have Multitasking Setting Sprays
Youthforia Pregame Setting Spray ($36, shop here):

Youthforia prioritizes makeup that does more for your skin. So instead of creating products based on insecurity, you can shop from various tools that put your skin’s health first. For example, the Pregame Setting Spray focuses on hydration.

This product is a serum-setting spray hybrid that allows makeup to grip the skin and ensure harsh environmental factors like pollutants don’t irritate the skin. It contains 10% Glycerin, a humectant, and Slide & Fix Polymer Technology.

You can wear Pregame Setting Spray with makeup or on bare skin. For example, it can aid in makeup prep and lock in cosmetics. However, it can also give a glowy boost following your sunscreen application.

It features an array of skin-loving ingredients like Centella, Allantoin, and Panthenol.

Rare Beauty Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Mist ($27, shop here):

Selena Gomez seems to know exactly what the beauty community is looking for, and almost every Rare Beauty product is impossible to keep stocked on the shelves. Another fan-favorite product is the Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Mist.

Always An Optimist does more than just set your makeup into place. Rare Beauty designed this item to hydrate, prep, refresh, and set the skin. It features an array of skincare benefits and ingredients like Niacinamide, botanicals, and Sodium Hyaluronate.

You can expect to achieve a glowy, radiant, and hydrated finish with each spray. You can use this product alone or with your favorite cosmetic products. It also feels effortlessly lightweight on the skin.

One Size On ‘Til You Go Off Bundle ($56, shop here):

Why get one spray when you can get two? Full glam and tv/film makeup lovers will love this set from One Size beauty. It features the iconic On ‘Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray and Go-Off Makeup Dissolving Mist.

This duo will keep your entire glamor full face on 24/7 and dissolve it quickly after the day is done. On ‘Til Dawn locks in makeup regardless of how many layers you have on and provides a budge-proof shield.

Meanwhile, Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist will instantly break down products without irritating or harming the skin like most makeup-removing products. This mist is designed to melt off cosmetics upon contact.

You can expect a flawless complexion with this dynamic duo bundle.

Ilia Beauty Blue Light Mist ($38, shop here):

Ilia Beauty is another leading brand blurring the lines between makeup and skincare. The Blue Light Mist is no different. Ilia claims you can hydrate, set, and protect with a straightforward tool. Also, this mist is non-sticky and suitable for all skin types.

The Blue Light Mist shields the skin against harsh external factors like blue light or pollution. In a clinical trial, 97% said skin is more refreshed and balanced after one day. It also features a blissful and calming lavender scent.

Ilia formulated this mist with a blend of Marine Actives, Tara Extract, and Mastic to improve skin texture, hydrate/firm the skin, and neutralize free radicals. You can spray it on bare skin or with makeup for a lasting effect.