Lip gloss is considered a makeup bag staple by most, but more people are looking for new ways to wear this textured cosmetic product. As a result, editorial makeup is slowly appearing in mainstream techniques, including unique shades of lip gloss.

Black lip gloss may not sound flattering when it first comes to mind, but it can be paired with the right liner or lipstick for a chic finish. However, how do you know you’ll love black lip gloss without investing in a high-end brand?

You can make a DIY black gloss.
Tools Required
Thankfully, you’ll only need minimal tools to create your black lipgloss. In addition, most of these items may already be sitting on your makeup vanity. A clear lip gloss, black pigment, mixing palette, and lip brush are all that you will need.
Clear Lip Gloss
A clear lip gloss will serve as a base for your black gloss. In addition, clear gloss will ensure you can see how much black pigment you’re adding to control its opacity. This is where you can customize the color payoff of your black lip lacquer.
Mixing Palette
Another helpful tool to have on hand is a mixing plate. You’ll want to scoop some clear lip gloss onto the mixing palette to easily add your black gloss. Once you’ve perfected your formula, you can later choose to add black shadow into an entire tube of clear gloss.

For beginners and experimenters, a mixing palette helps you keep control.
Lip Brush
A lip brush is a must-have for mixing, distribution, and application. You can combine and swirl the black shadow and clear gloss on the mixing palette until you achieve a smooth consistency.

Once you like the look and feel of your black gloss, the lip brush can help apply it to your pout.
Black Shadow
Finally, you’ll need your black eyeshadow or loose pigment of choice. You can choose a matte formula if you want a subtle but tar-like effect. However, if you want to amp up the texture and sheen, you can opt for a shimmer black eyeshadow.

You’ll want to scrap a small amount onto the mixing plate and add more as you see fit.
How to Use Black Lip Gloss
Now that you have a black lip gloss, how do you use it?
Pair It With Your Favorite Lip Products
You can wear black lip gloss alone. However, you can also experiment and pair it with your favorite lip products. For example, line your lip with a liner of your choosing and swipe on lipstick. Again, you can get creative with a color choice or try an ombre effect.
Enhance Your Cheekbones
Gloss can be used almost anywhere, including the cheeks. For example, swipe your black lipgloss on your cheekbones to add texture and sheen. This gives a multidimensional and wearable editorial finish.
Add Texture to a Smokey Eye
Finally, you can amp up any smokey eye with a black gloss. This technique is ideal for those looking to achieve a grungy and messy effect. It also allows your smokey eye to look lived-in.