How can you whip up multidimensional eye looks without overcomplicating your makeup routine? Thankfully, no intricate graphic eyeliner skills or lash gluing techniques will be needed to create a shimmery and glassy iridescent eye.

Why Wear Iridescent Eye Makeup?
This look is adaptable and wearable for all skin tones and eye shapes. Also, this technique is beginner-friendly and offers a simple method to incorporate dimension and texture.

Iridescent eye makeup can add a tint of color to any makeup look without going overboard. Most glitter powders have a duo chrome effect, so your eyes can switch hues whenever it catches the light at a certain angle.
How to Apply Iridescent Eye Makeup
This technique involves using the least amount of product possible, and you don’t have to be precise with your application. The three main items required are an eye base, iridescent eyeshadow or pigment of choice, and eye gloss.

1.    Apply a Base
First, it’s crucial to prep your eyelids with an eye primer or concealer. This step will even out the lids and allow a smooth canvas for the iridescent powder. Another advantage of applying a base is to promote longevity.

An eye base ensures your iridescent will last all day, preventing fallout from occurring upon application. Some brands will formulate a specific eye primer or glue compatible with their iridescent glitter/shadow.

What can happen if you skip using an eye base? First, the iridescent shadow will have an increased chance to transfer and fade throughout your day.

2.    Dust on Iridescent Shadow

After the eyes are primed, you can follow up with your iridescent shadow of choice. Some people may opt for a simple gold sheen, while others choose a duochrome pigment that can shift from blue to green.

You can apply any iridescent eyeshadow that matches your makeup or suits your skin tone the most. Of course, it helps to have a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply your shadow. A blending brush can sweep the pigment across the lids without any effort.

This simple technique will ensure the iridescent shadow will reflect light at every angle. An iridescent shadow with fine glitter or reflects will ensure you look refined rather than brash.

You can pack the shadow onto the lids and slightly blend towards the brow bone. It can help to blend outwards to the temples and create a lifted appearance.

3.    Optional: Eye Gloss

Adding texture is an easy way to spice up any dull eye look. For example, an eye gloss will provide a glassy, editorial effect without the skills of a professional makeup artist. In addition, it can highlight the shade of your iridescent shadow for a vivid finish.

What’s the difference between eye gloss and regular lip gloss? Eye gloss is formulated for the eyes and is comfortable to wear long term. On the other hand, lip gloss may feel sticky, heavy, or creasy too quickly when applied to the eyes.

Pairing eye gloss with iridescent glitter or shadow can lower the chance of creasing or make it less noticeable. It can also be worn comfortably for longer than lip gloss and add extra dimension.