How does your morning start? It’s common to wake up with a harsh alarm from your phone, which can often leave many feeling groggy. However, a sunrise alarm clock will gradually wake you up and ensure you won’t get up on the wrong side of the bed.
What to Shop
Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300-Wake-up Light Alarm Clock ($159, shop here):

The Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300-Wake-up Light Alarm Clock will make any morning pleasant by gradually illuminating your bedroom. In addition, it helps mimic the effect of sunrise and sunset as a result of sleep each night.

This product features adjustable LEDs for morning and night and has a light-sensitive display to keep your space serene. In addition, the Lumie offers a sunrise and sunset duration between 15-90 minutes to stimulate light. You can also set the alarm for all seven days of the week.

Other features of this clock include an FM radio with five presets available. Also, it comes with 15 soothing sounds and white noise to revitalize your senses or calm your nerves. Opt for multiple light hues like white, orange, and red to wake up or sleep naturally.

Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock ($59.99, shop here):

Are you looking for a subtle way to start your day? Jall has an affordable option to make your morning easier. The Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock gradually lights up the room to mimic the effect of a sunrise. This clock can naturally start your day within 30 minutes.

Jall created this clock with seven color-changing lights and alarm sounds so you can customize the mood each morning. Choose from hues like blue, red, orange, and more. You can customize the alarm sound with ocean waves, soft music, or a piano.

The Wake-Up Sunrise Alarm Clock doubles as a night light and reading lamp. It can also help you unwind and minimize the need for your phone right before bed. In addition, you can easily adjust the brightness to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Hatch Restore ($129, shop here):

What is Hatch’s Restore? This new bedtime device acts as a sound machine, reading light, wind-down tool, and sunrise alarm clock to ensure you get a better night’s rest. Now you can personalize your sleep-wake routine without the harsh sounds of your phone alarm.

Hatch claims this clock will support cortisol levels by waking you up with the effects of a sunrise. You can control this clock with their app and adjust the light, sounds, and mood for your bedtime or morning routines.
You can choose white noise from an array of soothing sounds.

You can pair this clock with a sleep membership and expand the library with meditation and additional soundscapes. Its sleek and minimal design features a touch control panel to help adjust volume/brightness and comes with an adapter.

Dekala Arches Gradual Sunrise Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging ($149, shop here):

Are you looking for a versatile and soothing alarm clock? Dekala ensures you don’t have to compromise on technology for a better night’s sleep. The Dekala Arches Gradual Sunrise Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging will customize your sleeping routine.

This clock will mimic the effects of sunrise and sunset to make it simpler to sleep eight hours each night. It features multiple light and sound settings to fit your needs. It also pairs with Alexa and Google Home Devices for convenience. You can personalize every feature of this clock.

The clock from Dekala features a wireless charging port to minimize the need for wires and additional charging stations. It also acts as a sound machine, night lamp, alarm clock, charger, and weather display. You may pair it to Bluetooth or control it from their app.