We all know Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green and one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. But she is so much more than that. She’s a talented actor, producer, and entrepreneur.

Last year Aniston launched her hair care line Lolavie, but it is not the affordable brand we’re used to from her Aveeno ads. This is definitely a luxury collection, but is it worth it?

Aniston may have the hair of all our dreams, but is it thanks to these products?

First of all, the brand is cruelty-free, which is a major plus. They are even Leaping Bunny certified, which is a big feat for a new brand.

Furthermore, Lolavie is focused on sustainability. With recyclable packaging and water conservation, they are committed to environmental causes.

Now, all of this is great, but what about the products? As of right now, there are only two products available, but from the Instagram ads you might have seen, they are gaining a lot of traction.

Perfecting Leave-in (Shop here)

At $29, this is not your drugstore hair product. It has stunning black and white packaging featuring a cap that makes travel easier. It also has a handy pump.

This leave-in conditioner is multi-tasking. It hydrates, fights frizz, and smooths thanks to its 99% naturally derived ingredients.IT features a natural heat protectant, is vegan, and even repairs damage. It is safe for color-treated hair and is great for all hair types and textures.

What more could you want? Not much. The ingredients in this product are all-stars for hair care. It does contain fragrance that offers a luxurious experience, but for those who are sensitive, you may want to pass on this. Otherwise, this will help you get the blow out of your dreams.

With just one use, you feel softer and smoother hair that isn’t weighed down. All you have to do is comb it through damp hair, and you’re good to go with the rest of your styling routine.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you this is worth trying, its average review a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Glossing Detangler (Shop here)

The glossing detangler is a lightweight mist that can be used on wet or dry hair. It also features heat protection but is more about the shine than the deep conditioning. This spray seals flyaways and makes hair easier to deal with. It smooths knots and tangles while offering major shine.

With a similar packaging to its counterpart, it matches the monochrome feel but has a spray nozzle rather than a pump. This is also a vegan formula with 99% naturally derived ingredients.

This is a much lighter product than the conditioner, so for those with thin or fine hair, you’ll want to go for this one.

Although you can use both, they have such similar ingredients that picking one should offer you everything you need from a haircare and styling product.

It seems like anyone could use either of these products, but using both might be a bit of a waste. It really depends on how dry or thick your hair is. If you want something that will offer a lot of hydration and care for your hair, the leave-in conditioner is best, but the spray is essential if your hair is easily weighed down.

Now we’re just waiting for more products to launch. Keep your fingers crossed for a shampoo and conditioner.