Lashes can make or break a makeup look or enhance your natural beauty. However, eyelash extensions have been proven to be pricey and high-maintenance.

What’s the drugstore alternative must-try product for semi-permanent eyelashes?

What’s Falscara?
The drugstore lash brand Kiss has branched out to create the semi-permanent lash brand Falscara. This brand is dedicated to creating “doable, affordable, accessible, buildable, wearable, durable, and approachable” eyelash extensions.

Flascara claims they “bring the glam prowess of a posh lash studio home, with a stunning array of subtle-to-glam WISPS that (rather brilliantly) are on the underside of your natural lash line. The looks you can create are practically limitless.”
What’s Included?
You can receive everything you need to apply for seamless lash extensions at home. In addition, Falscara allows you to create your lash bundle or shop from pre-chosen starter kits.

The starter kits will ensure you have all the tools required for a stress-free and safe lash application. In addition, you can rest assured knowing these drugstore extension alternatives can last on your eyes for up to 10 days.

You can expect to receive the extensions, bonder, sealer, applicator, overnighter, and remover with some starter kits.
How to Apply Falscara
While following the step-by-step instructions for your particular Flacara products is crucial, most of the kits can be applied in three simple steps.

First, you’ll want to brush and coat the lashes with the bonder provided in your kit. This step ensures your extensions have an adhesive to latch onto. In addition, the bonder can help promote longevity and durability with the proper application.

Next, it’s time to apply the extensions or wisps. This can be the creative part because you can build and arrange them in any pattern you desire. Now you can effortlessly enhance your eye shape and natural features.

Finally, you’ll need to set your lashes in place with the sealer. This is another product to ensure the lashes stay on longer than a few days.
What to Shop
Falscara Starter Kit DIY Lash Extensions ($19.99, shop here):

The Starter Kit DIY Lash Extensions has the essential parts required for a flawless lash application. You’ll receive crucial items like the Bond, Seal, Wisps, and Applicator.

The Bond & Seal has a gentle formula that is safe for natural eyelashes. However, you can always conduct a patch test to ensure you won’t have any mishaps. The Bond will act as an adhesive so the Wisps can stay put.
Then, the Seal will promote longevity.

Falscara also provides wisps that can be arranged anyway. So, you have complete control over creating a glam or natural look. In addition, the wisps are wearable up to three times with the proper care.

Falscara Remover ($6.49, shop here):

The last thing you may want to do to harm your lashes is rip or pull out your extensions. However, letting them fall on their own may not look flattering. Thankfully, Falscara has created another gentle alternative.

The Falscara Rosewater Infused Remover is safe on the eyes and will quickly eliminate leftover extensions without additional harm. Its hydrating and nourishing formula will absorb residue from the Bond and Seal so you can reveal clean, natural lashes.