The internet is still searching for the ideal method to brighten the under-eye area. In 2016, a super light concealer was heavily caked to provide full coverage and luminosity to counteract dark circles.

You may recognize this technique as the upside-down triangle. However, it proved ineffective for most skin types because it was drying and quickly settled into fine lines.

The latest makeup hack from TikTok includes people concealing their under-eyes with a pink powder or blush for an instant awakening effect. How can you carry out this technique, and does it work?

Pink Under-Eyes Trend
The origin of this trend can be traced back to creators @paintedbyspencer and @makeupbyalissiac. Spencer, a makeup artist, claimed that a trade secret many are missing out on includes blending your blush up into your concealer.

Meanwhile, Alissia has shared her technique of mixing liquid blush with concealer in a viral TikTok video. Once this pink under-eye trend hit millions of views, others were influenced to join in to see if this method of makeup application works for their skin type.
Does the Pink Under-Eye Trend Work?
For those looking for a quick fix to remedy dark circles, you’re not alone. However, it’s crucial to note that the state of your dark circles is determined by genetics. For more information regarding your skin, please seek advice from a dermatologist.

The pink under-eye trend can be viewed as a form of color-correcting. A pink hue can cancel out darkness or unwanted tones around the eye, depending on your skin tone. So, please proceed with this makeup application with a grain of salt.

Regardless, it can be a fun and experimental process because most of us may agree that it’s tempting to over-apply blush.
How to Achieve the Pink Under-Eye
Multiple techniques exist on how to achieve the ideal pinky under-eye. For example, you can mix liquid blush into concealer, invest in a pink powder, or blend your brush upwards.
Liquid Blush & Concealer
For this technique, you’ll need your concealer and liquid blush of choice.

First, dot on concealer to the under-eye area. Next, you can add one dot to the outer corner and one towards the inner corner. Then, you can apply one drop of blush in the center. Finally, take a fluffy brush or sponge to blend it.

Once you’ve achieved a smooth blend, set it with powder and continue with the rest of your makeup.
Pink Powder
Another option is to invest in a pink powder.

Multiple makeup brands carry a line of brightening settings or baking powders. In addition, these powders can vary by undertone so that you can choose from shades like banana, peach, or pink. For example, a pink powder can brighten and awaken the under-eyes.

First, apply your base makeup as you usually would. Next, you can grab your pink powder and favorite applicator. Dispense the powder onto your chosen applicator and gently dab across the under-eye area to set everything in place.
Blend Your Blush Upwards
Have you ever applied too much blush that you don’t know how to proceed with your makeup? Try blending your blush upwards for those who are heavy-handed or want to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

You can take leftover blush from the cheeks and brush and slowly diffuse it upwards towards the dark circles. Then, you can set it in place with your favorite powder of choice.