Makeup brushes can be just as essential to invest in your routine as products. They can be the t-shirt of makeup because one high-quality brush can last for years. Which brushes are worth the price point?

What to Shop
Makeup By Mario EF 1 Brush ($24, shop here):

Makeup By Mario may have mastered cosmetics, but what about tools? One brush to check out is the EF1 Brush which will quickly become your next multi-tasking weapon. This dual-ended brush will effortlessly sweep across all the contours of your face.

One end has tapered bristles that are plush to the touch. It’s ideal for applying and blending cream formulas for the eyes and face. The second side features fluffy and sporadic bristles that will be good for setting and sculpting.

This two-in-one brush is made of synthetic and vegan fibers that ensure a streak-free finish. In addition, it’s accompanied by a durable Birch handle that makes swapping between the brushes a breeze.

You can use this brush for the eyes and face, as well as for cream and powder products.

Patrick Ta Beauty Contour Brush ($35, shop here):

Patrick Ta is a professional makeup artist and a successful business owner. Patrick Ta Beauty has created celeb-approved cosmetics, and one product that is constantly overlooked is the brush line. Try adding the Contour Brush to your routine.

Contouring may be intimidating initially, but the right tools will make the process effortless. The Contour Brush from Patrick Ta has a unique fan shape that conforms to the hollows of your cheeks and jaw. The tapered synthetic bristles help build and sculpt the face.

Also, Patrick Ta Beauty recommends using this brush in a stamping motion rather than swiping. Stamping ensures a full-coverage and streak-free finish. It’s accompanied by a beautiful gold handle.

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush ($49, shop here):

Charlotte Tilbury is no stranger to the spotlight. This cosmetic line has product after product selling out. It seems as if they can’t keep up with the demand. While many are gravitating to the Flawless Filter and contouring wands, one product appears to dodge under the radar constantly.

The Powder & Sculpt Brush will be your next go-to tool. While this brush costs a pretty penny, you can expect a flawless finish. In addition, this brush is made to last with synthetic fibers and durable wood. Finally, the handle design ensures your brush will never roll off the table.

This finishing and setting brush can sculpt, highlight, and powder the skin. In addition, the brush isn’t too large or small, made to hit the temples, cheeks, and cupid’s bow.

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Bye Bye Foundation Brush #22 ($49, shop here):

Are you tired of brushes leaving the skin patchy and streaky? Or does your foundation tool soak up too much product? Thankfully, the It Cosmetics Heavenly Bye Bye Foundation Brush will seamlessly buff and blend your base products.

The #22 foundation brush has a unique triangle shape that will reach into all the nooks and crannies of the face. These are cruelty-free, animal-free, pro-hygienic, and no-shed brush bristles that are built to last and remain soft. In addition, it works flawlessly with all liquid and cream cosmetics.

It Cosmetics recommends applying your products at the center of the face and buff puta words with the Heavenly Luxe Bye Bye Foundation Brush. Also, dabbing the brush instead of swiping will offer more coverage and no streaks.