What is R.E.M Beauty? It’s the latest celeb-founded makeup brand that offers a practical but futuristic take on cosmetics. Ariana Grande is the face of this brand and adds her personality to each product.

However, which items are worth trying? Thankfully, R.E.M Beauty is more affordable than other beauty brands like Fenty, making it more accessible for everyone.
What to Shop
Essential Drip Lip Oil ($16, shop here):

Lip oils have been all the rage within the beauty community since it’s been popularized by designer brands like Dior. However, you can still achieve a luxurious hi-shine without breaking the bank. The R.E.M. Beauty Essential Drip Lip Oil offers a glass finish and soothes dry lips.

This oil glides on easily and doesn’t leave a sticky or slimy texture. Instead, you’ll achieve a glass lip look, a slight tint of color, and heal cracked pouts. Another feature of Essential Drip Oil is the cooling metal tip.

The metal rollerball revitalizes your senses and helps you easily apply the gloss. The Essential Drip Oil is available in four scents or flavors, each with its own benefits. You can also layer this oil with your other favorite lip products.

Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow ($16, shop here):

Are you looking for a minimal, show-stopping way to transform your eye makeup? The Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadows are designed to add texture, sparkle, and shine to your eyelids. It also has a beginner-friendly formulation.

The Lustrous Liquid Eyeshadow is available in 11 shades and finishes. It has a gel formula that is buildable, simple to apply, pigmented, and waterproof. In addition, they feel ultra-lightweight on the lids without irritating.

Another plug of this product is its versatility and ability to be applied in more ways than one. For example, you can gently tap a fair amount of shadow onto the lids with your fingers. Another option is to swipe the applicator onto the lid for more color payoff.

Wear this shadow alone or with other eye products.

Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker ($16, shop here):

Lip stains are the ideal product to give a wash of color to your pout that lasts. R.E.M. has created a Lip Stain Marker that feeds your inner child. It’ll be a blast filling in your lips without taking makeup or cosmetics too seriously.

The Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker is available in four shades of berry, pink, and red so that each skin tone can find its ideal match. This modern lip stain offers a comfortable lip texture without drying out your pout.

You can exfoliate the lips beforehand to ensure a smoother application. The Lip Stain Marker can be used independently or as a base for your other lip products. Another way to apply is by filling in the lip’s center and blending it with your fingers.
These products add a practical take to everyday makeup but still involve a unique twist. R.E.M. simplifies makeup to ensure it’s accessible and inviting to try a new look thanks to their comfortable and long wear formulas.

Which product are you looking forward to trying next?