Do you look around your home, only to find many possessions you don’t use or forgot that you had? Or maybe you feel like your home is turning into something that you would see on an episode of “Hoarders.” Either way, decluttering is a great way to not only free up space in your home but relieve some stress. If you need some tips on where to start, then this is definitely written for you.

    1. Start Slow
      When it comes to decluttering, most would think it’s important to get the task done quickly and move on with your life, but you’ll want to start the process slowly, especially if this is your first time. Even the busiest person on the planet can do this because all you need for this method is five minutes per day. In those five minutes, start with a small section of your home and work your way around the house. Decluttering can be extremely overwhelming, so tackling the task in five-minute increments will help you remain productive without getting burnout.
    2. Give One Item Away Daily
      Similar to starting out slowly, we recommend decluttering each item slowly too. If you give away one item per day for a year, you will have 365 objects that you no longer need to worry about by the time you’re through. Even if it seems ridiculous to only start with one item per day, this can become a more effective solution over time.
    3. Create A Checklist
      This step is for all of our readers that LIVE by lists. A list can be helpful because it creates structure, making it less likely to stray away from your goal. Make priority sections and number them from most to least important. This way, you know the most important place to start and the areas that aren’t as urgent to tend to right now.
    4. Take A Before And After Photo Of A Small Space
      Locate a small area in your home, take a “before” photo, and then focus on clearing the clutter in that area. Once you’re done, take an “after” photo and notice the difference you’ve made. By doing this, you can see the impact you’re making by decluttering and motivating yourself to tackle the next places on your list.
    5. Use The “Four-Box” Technique
      Get four cardboard boxes together and label each one something different (ex. trash, give away, keep, re-locate). Room by room, sort items into each respective box until they’re full. This method will allow you to keep yourself organized and ensure that each item will be going to the right place. This method also makes the sorting process of decluttering far less overwhelming.
      No matter which technique you decide to try, the important thing is to utilize one (or all!) of them. When we declutter, it is beneficial to our health, mind, and life. It helps relieve stress, and it also increases your self-esteem when your home looks and feels good.