What does your makeup routine look like in the winter? Many of us are layering multiple products simultaneously to achieve a flawless finish. However, it can be tempting to downsize a beauty routine when the warmer months start approaching.

As spring approaches, fresh faces appear more on our timelines and remind us to embrace our natural beauty. So what’s an easy & minimal makeup look everyone can achieve?
Keep Skin Minimal with Freckles
A common motif in spring-based looks is minimal, hydrated skin. Remembering this is about embracing your skin as it is, texture, acne, hyperpigmentation, and all. However, those who still desire coverage can spot concealment.

One way to further enhance a no-makeup-makeup look is with freckles. Freckle pens are a temporary stain to enhance your features; no sun damage is required. They seamlessly layer on top of concealer and cheek products too.

Freck OG ($22, shop here):
Freck OG quickly offers buildable, realistic, and achievable freckles without creating a mess with a brow pencil. In addition, it’s available in two shades to suit all complexions. It’s as simple as dot, tap, and go!
A Pop Of Color with Blurred Lipstick
Some individuals may underestimate the power of classic, bold lipstick. A pinky-red shade can bring any spring look to life without wearing other cosmetic products. However, what is the secret to using lipstick without looking too mature or formal?

Swipe on the lipstick to the center pout and blend outwards with your finger. This creates a blurred effect that’s bright but looks more natural. In addition, you can use this technique with any lipstick shade or formula you have.

Elf O Face Satin Lipstick ($9, shop here):
Satin lipsticks offer the staying power of a matte formula without being too drying. However, they aren’t as sheer or glossy as hydrating lipsticks. The O Face from Elf offers an intense color payoff and a buttery, blendable formula ideal for spring.
Add Texture with a Multi-Purpose Gloss
What’s an easy way to elevate any beauty look? Regardless of the shades, season, or occasion, adding a textural element to a makeup look can create the illusion that it looks professional and refined. In addition, it can help create an editorial vibe.

A clear, multi-purpose gloss is a staple in almost every makeup kit. Find one that’s comfortable to wear on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. This allows you to swipe on the gloss for added texture without needing the skills of a professional makeup artist.

Danessa Myricks Colorfix Glaze in Clear ($18, shop here):

Danessa Myricks understands the im[ortance of multitasking and high-performing products. As a result, almost all of her product lines are designed to be used in more than one way, including Colorfix. The Colorfix Glaze in Clear adds a glass, hi-shine finish to every makeup look.

In addition, this product can be applied to the eyes, lips, and cheeks. So, add a layer of gloss to your blurred lipstick or tap some of the high points of the cheeks to capture a refreshed look. The Colorfix Clear Glaze will offer that “tall drink of water” hydrated finish.