Sex without foreplay is like eating dinner without an appetizer: it will do the trick, but it won’t be nearly as satisfying. Foreplay is one of the most important and exciting parts of having sex. Foreplay gets your mind and body ready actually to have sex, and without it, sex might not be as enjoyable.

Sometimes when we think of foreplay, we think of kissing, and because of that, it often gets neglected. But foreplay can go way beyond just that when it’s done right. So whether you’re in a long term relationship or just starting to see someone, there are plenty of ways to make foreplay just as exciting as sex. Here are a few ideas:

Care about your partner

No one likes a selfish partner- whether that’s in life or bed. When you’re doing foreplay or having sex, it’s essential to care about your partner. Do something for them because you want them to enjoy it, not because you want something in return. A caring partner is always a good partner.

Give a massage

Massages with foreplay can be really sexy if they are done right. You can use a relaxing scented oil or even lube to make a massage before having sex that much more exciting.

Talk dirty

Try using foreplay as your time to experiment with talking nasty and saying things to your partner that you’ve wanted to try but never had the chance to. Dirty talk can help turn both people on, and there are endless things you can say.

Stimulate other parts of their body

There are obvious parts of the body we touch and kiss with foreplay and sex, but there are a lot of other parts of the body that often get ignored. Erogenous places like the earlobes, hands, lower back, and thighs often get overlooked, so next time you’re making out, try touching or kissing those places.

Use sex toys

Sex toys don’t have to be used just for sex- they can be brought into foreplay. Experiment with blindfolds or handcuffs for foreplay that will get you ready for sex. And don’t be afraid to use a vibrator for extra stimulation.

Start slow

You might want to rush through foreplay so you can get to the big reveal, but sometimes starting slow will make finally having sex all the more enjoyable. Start slow and pay attention to every part of your partner’s body- they’ll have you begging for more.

Try not kissing

Foreplay with no kissing?! Don’t knock it until you try it. Still, do everything you would typically do during foreplay, but just don’t involve kissing. The tease will be worth it the second you finally lock lips.


Roleplay can be a great way to experiment both with sex and with foreplay. There are endless scenarios you can act out- student and teacher, nurse, and patient- just find something that works for you and your partner and watch how turned on you both get.