What is an “Everything Shower?”

Tiktok’s latest self-care trend advocates making time for yourself. As the world seems to pick up on pre-pandemic routines slowly, some creators are actively trying to schedule time for themselves with “everything showers.”

“Everything showers” are tailored to your grooming needs and cover hair, skin, and body care in a night’s shower. Here’s a checklist to inspire your next “everything shower.”
Washing the hair is a common step in an “everything shower,” but it can be tailored to your hair type, texture, and porosity. For example, you may focus on scalp care to eliminate dandruff or a deep condition for frizzy ends.
Hair oiling isn’t a new practice and has been a part of many cultures to ensure healthy hair growth, among other factors. However, today it’s integrated into most beauty routines as a pre-wash treatment thanks to brands like Fable & Mane.
Scalp Treatment
Other brands like Briogeo have created entire lines dedicated to scalp health. The scalp is the extension of your skin, so it can need some TLC, especially if it’s oily, dry, or prone to a specific condition. However, a scalp treatment is excellent for almost all hair types.
Have you heard of double cleansing the face? Some beauty enthusiasts have started shampooing twice to eliminate all dirt, debris, and grime from the follicles. In addition, this technique is recommended for those who have oiled their hair as a pre-wash treatment.
Deep Condition
Another luxurious step in an “everything shower” is a deep conditioning treatment. You can carry out this step before or during a shower. This will coat the ends with moisture, minimize frizz, and strengthen the hair.
Post-Wash Products
Finally, you may add any products required for your hair type while the hair is clean or damp. For example, those with curly hair can opt to add a curl-defining cream or gel for a uniform finish.
Most of us may already understand the importance of skincare. However, here is a quick refresher on what you can include on your next self-care night.
Double-cleansing is essential for those who wear makeup or SPF. It breaks down the first layer of product with an oil-based cleanser and cleanses the skin with a water-based cleanser for a clean canvas.
You may add a luxurious treatment to your everything shower, like a red light or pore refining mask, a chemical exfoliant, or Gua Sha. Anything that caters to your skin’s needs.
Serums are an excellent way to boost hydration, treat the skin, or ensure your skin barrier is happy. You can opt for one that has Ceramides to combat skin irritation.
This may be an ideal time post-shower to slather the skin with a night cream or thick moisturizer to lock in all your products. It will also help to keep the face hydrated and fresh overnight.
Bodycare is slowly rising in popularity, and “everything showers” include a thorough body care routine to help you feel your best.
Most of us may agree that a full-body exfoliation feels soothing, and the supple skin result is unmatched. In addition, exfoliating is a necessary prep step before hair removal, like shaving.
Hair removal and shaving are a personal choice. Some individuals may feel better with a weekly shave, while others love to embrace their natural features. Either way, do what feeds your soul!
Investing in a high-quality body wash can make an impeccable difference in your skin. You can treat concerns, hydrate, and eliminate bacteria in one fluid step.
Did you know serums can also be applied to the body? Additional treatment-based products can soothe dry skin and body acne or maintain a healthy skin barrier.
Lastly, lock in your body care products with your favorite body moisturizer to complete your “everything shower.”