Is your medicine cabinet overflowing with products? Or are you looking to squeeze out every last drop of your moisturizer?

Overconsumption is an ever-growing issue within the beauty industry, so how can you produce less waste while still enjoying your favorite products?
Beauty Waste
Vogue states, “Just as it is in apparel, waste is built into beauty’s business model. However, most work to eliminate waste has so far been connected to packaging, while other sources are overlooked.”

For example, employees of Ulta have recently taken to TikTok how destroying unused, unwanted, or expired products is a part of the job description.

Delaney Harshell, who has worked for Ulta, showcases how products must get destroyed before throwing them away completely in a TikTok video that has over 2 million views.

However, these are just the same insight into the wastefulness of beauty. You can control personal waste by implementing a few tricks into your daily routine.
Get the Most from the Products You Love
More brands are shifting to producing sustainably, affordably, and accessible. However, you can also adjust your beauty routine to ensure you still get the most from your products with the simplest changes.
Switch to Plastic-Free Alternatives
Plastic usually encompasses the beauty of beauty products. However, a simple switch includes shopping for shampoo bars and conditioners. These bars ensure you get every last drop of your hair care without producing excess waste.
Try Reusable Cotton Rounds
Most of us understand the importance of removing makeup, sunscreen, and debris each night. Also, a standard product used for makeup removal is micellar water accompanied by cotton rounds.

Instead of disposing of regular cotton rounds after each use, opt for reusable ones. Countless makeup brands are developing reusable cotton rounds that can be tossed into the wash to clean and use again.
Multi-Purpose Makeup Crayons
More brands are also focusing on multipurpose makeup, but one brand, Axiology, is taking it one step further. Their makeup crayons can be applied almost anywhere on the face, and each is wrapped in paper for easy recycling.

All you need to do is shape the crayon and unravel the paper until nothing is left. It’s a no-fuss and accessible way to get more use from the products you love.
Get A Beauty Spatula
Did you know you can produce less beauty waste without purchasing more items? Of course, you can opt for a beauty spatula, but even an old makeup brush can help with this next hack.

You can use it to scrap or retrieve leftover lotion, cream, or foundation in its packaging.
Cut Up Your Packaging
Cut open your “used” or “finished” products, and you’ll reveal more left in the packaging than you initially thought. Scrapping the reminding product ensures you get every last drop and cleans the packaging for recycling.

A beauty spatula (although not necessary) or an old makeup brush can help clean and retrieve your finished beauty products.
Shop With Intention
Finally, it can help to shop with intention. It may be tempting to buy another nude lipstick if you already have four others sitting in a draw at home. However, shopping with purpose, meaning, and questioning can ultimately lead to purchasing less.