How can you send a gift that is usual and personable? Instead of roaming the aisle of department stores for an item that may eventually get tossed, opt for an exuberant bouquet from Fresh Sends.
The Send ($64-94, shop here):
What can brighten your day like a fresh bouquet? Fresh Sends has created a bright and bubbly bouquet called The Send. You can shop this aesthetic arrangement in two sizes; Regular, which includes 15-18 stems, and Full 24-27 stems.

Another surprise Fresh Sends has to offer is that you won’t always see what flowers or components are used to create the bouquet. However, you can rest assured knowing each one is crafted with care and wrapped in their signature newspaper.

Fresh Sends allows you to ship their bouquets as a one-time gift or subscription. The subscription can save you a few coins for those who look forward to recurring flower deliveries.

Also, you can choose from an array of cards for every occasion and write a personalized note to whoever you’re gifting the flowers to.
Are you looking for something more to give than flowers? Fresh Sends also provides a selection of beauty, apparel, and home products.

The Hand Cream ($24, shop here):

What’s a product that almost anyone can use? Hand cream can quickly become a staple product in everyone’s daily routine. The Hand Cream from Fresh Sends will instantly absorb into the skin with a light fragrance and no greasy residue.

Fresh Sends crafted this product with revitalizing top notes like citrus, middle notes like jasmine, and base notes with sheer musk and shea. As a result, you can expect to achieve soft and supple hands with consistent use, ideal year-round.

You can purchase this cream in the Fresh Sends Set or with a gift card and card.

The Candle ($36, shop here):

What’s another giftable item that is a home staple? A candle! The Candle from Fresh Sends is ideal for anyone wanting to perfume the air without overwhelming your atmosphere. In addition, The Candle has a sleek design with a white holder.

Fresh Sends formulated this candle with signature notes, including jasmine, water lotus, musk, and patchouli. The Candle has a flower shape and can easily be repurposed into a makeup brush or pen holder once the candle is used.

You can expect The Candle to arrive in a beautiful box with Fresh Send’s iconic pink and red packaging. In addition, the candle is accompanied by aesthetic matchsticks.

Fresh Sends Floral Delivery Tee ($30, shop here):

Once you’ve made your first few Fresh Sends push cards; you’ll understand the joy and care that goes into each bouquet. So, another way you can support and share the love for Fresh Sends is with the Floral Delivery Tee.

The Floral Delivery Tee is a unisex 100% cotton t-shirt that quickly makes its way into your wardrobe. It features a minimal and old-school design for Fresh Sends, and it offers a casual, relaxed fit. In addition, this t-shirt fits true to size.